Jungle Marathon: Extreme Amazon Race With Heat, Mud and Tarantulas Test Racers ... - ABC News

After traveling for 23 hours straight, we tumbled out of a tiny skiff onto a sandbar on an Amazon tributary called the Tapajos River. About 45 minutes later we were awoken by the thuds of dropping mangoes, and some persistent roosters -- all around us, human figures began emerging from the dark jungle -- most of them in spandex. Specifically to document the soul-destroying slog called the Jungle Marathon. One of a few ultra marathons in the world this one curled through the jungle for 137 torturous miles over seven days. And athletes actually pay for the experience of mind-bending agony in this jungle paradise -- the biggest threat the night we landed: giant ants and those falling mangoes. It was the start of a crazy week-long boondoggle covering what has to be one of the craziest races on earth – the wisdom of which I doubted during several moments of the. via abcnews.go.com

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  1. Best jungle hammocks: Article by Billy Martin Surf to 3/1/2011 13:46:34
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  2. Best jungle hammocks: Article by Billy Martin Surf to 3/1/2011 13:46:34
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